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Toni Lucificer is on radio rotation with the track “Smash The Kings” (feat. Majesty Of Revival). Majesty Of Revival is on radio rotation with the track “Disposable Clown”. Toni Lucifer and Majesty Of Revival are ready to head out for a European Smash The Kings Tour in the coming spring! Starting in Romania they will make their way through Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland giving several concerts.

Toni Lucifer is a Ukrainian metal band, formed 2016 in Uzhhorod. The members are Antonio Finchman, Vladyslav Popdyakunyk, Myroslav Danko, Dimitriy Pavlovskiy, and Vitalii Popfalushi. Their extraordinary personalities led them to big ideas, they created a sound that they liked and a stage performance that many people began to recognize. After many concerts in their hometown the band released a collab single “Smash The Kings” together with the band “Majesty Of Revival”. This song is the announcement of their upcoming debut album “Mr. Freaky”. Now they are searching for a recording label ready to release our music.

Toni Lucificer:


Majesty Of Revival is Ukrainian veteran of progressive metal founded in 2009. The band has constantly collaborated with European recording labels and already earned their name far beyond Ukraine. A characteristic feature of their music is often an unusual combination, of both melodic and technical and at the same time.

Majesty Of Revival:


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