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From late-November onward, Christmas songs become inescapable. You’ll hear them at any Christmas party, while you’re doing your Christmas shopping, and pretty much any time you turn on a TV or radio. When it comes to making your own Christmas playlist, you’ll probably want a perfect blend of tried and tested festive favorites,as well as some high quality originals, so there is no better time for the Lynne Taylor Donovan performed track, “Dear Santa”, which was written by Tony Koenen.

This slow-and-steady, ultra-classy, yet grounded arrangement delivers all the Christmas magic, as well as a caring narrative that’s all about giving. One of the very best ways of preparing for Christmas is to start giving gifts, not so much the kind of gifts we usually give to relatives and friends on Christmas, but the life-saving and life-enhancing gifts of love.

This is exactly what Lynne Taylor Donovan sings about: “It seems the more we spend, the happier we will be. But this Christmas I’m asking Santa for something so much more. Dear Santa won’t you send a little love, a little light, it’s all we really need in the world tonight.”


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