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With a sound that blends of pop, dance, and house into something wholly original, Norwegian producer Volléstad has started to emerge as a promising new talent in the electronic music world. His winning remixes and bold original compositions have been winning fans since his debut in 2016. Now, with a slew of new releases scheduled for the coming year, he is ready to introduce himself to a wider audience.

Volléstad’s passion for music was ignited by discovering the sounds of Avicii, Calvin Harris, and Deadmau5 among others. He began working with FL Studio and not before long, he was spending all of his free time making music. It didn’t take long for him to get noticed.

His remixes on Skio Music have been a big part in this. Placing him on top 3 within many genres. Leading to the release of the singles ‘Stay,’ and ‘Feels Like Summer,’ which firmly established him as an artist to watch.

Volléstad is currently on a creative roll. His recent release “Distracted” has received international airplay and have been promoted on known blogs, and podcasts. He as passionate as ever about building connections through music.

Volléstad is on radio rotation with the track “Distracted” (Ft. Zachary & Larakay)

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