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This time decided to record a romantic rock ballad. This is the seventh single released since the end of September this year. The title of the single – “Breadcrumbs” is a term for feeding with fake hopes in order to sustain the relationship. Usually for a fake or bad reason. The song is about the fact that sometimes it’s worth just stopping and ending something that doesn’t make much sense. Regardless of whether it involves sadness or disappointment. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. Mixing and mastering were done at Osso studio in Gdańsk by Dawid Gorgolewski. The single will be promoted, by music video (available next week), in which this time – there will be no band members, but only the guest appearance. No part of it was filmed in Poland.

About is a music project created by two members of disbanded now Polish band Snakedoctors. Since the end of September they released seven singles already and all of the charted. Their songs reached radio charts: Radio Olsztyn Top 40, Radio Ostrowec Top 20, #waszamuza Inne.Radio Polska Muzyka Alternatywna Top 30 and daily Poland iTunes Top 200 Rock & All Genres charts. The band has finished work on its first album and is already working on the next one. Songs for the album were recorded with Darryll Nutt, US based drummer who worked with members of famous bands and famous artists (including AC/DC and Goo Goo Dolls). As was the case with Snakedoctors, famous guests took part in the production of the album, including musicians and producer. These included, among others: Chris Rakestraw, who recorded the last two Megadeth albums, Marshall Gallagher, producer and leader of the band Teenage Wrist, one of the members of the band Catch Your Breath, and Dave Dominguez, who worked previously with Papa Roach, Staind and Guns’N’Roses. play hard rock with a slight touch of new metal. This direction was already defined by the last Snakedoctors album (“Waiting”). The band focuses primarily on the melodic aspects of songs. The album will be released in early 2024 on Case Studio label.

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