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Sonic Space Lab is the studio based project of multi-instrumentalist Luis Rodriguez, a Venezuelan music producer who’s been releasing music under Sonic Space Lab since 2018. His new song Bring in the Light was released on December 1.

Bring in the Light is a vibrant and infectious anthem that seamlessly blends the groovy influences of funk and disco with a modern, upbeat twist. With lyrics that speak to the intoxicating thrill of love and the desire to escape into a world of shared secrets, the song captures the essence of summer vibes and carefree moments.

The song features vocals by Chilean singer Begoña Ruiz Conrads who’s also based in Dunedin. The release will also feature remixes by Dunedin’s Sharkweek, Auckland’s DJ Ralphe and Luis’ own rework of Bring in the Light.

“As soon as I came up with the chords on the piano, it was very obvious to me where this song should go.” Says Luis “I had all of these nostalgic images in my head from old roller skating movies, palm trees, disco balls and late 70s funk music. I was very influenced by Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” album and Daft Punk’s collaborations with Todd Edwards too.”

After releasing three EPs Changing Times (2018), Up in the Air (2020), the ambient Interrelated Earth (2021) and the full length electronic album Cycles (2022), Luis spent the rest of 2022 working with his band Tomahawk Radio on the recording and release of their first album “Dreaming with a View”.

The cover art was made in collaboration with digital artist and designer CER (Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez) who’s digital works have been exhibited in New York City and London.

Luis has no plans to go on tour since Sonic Space Lab is basically his studio based project. “Music has always been an escape for me and the best way for me to turn negative energy into something positive” he says, “I never think about how this music will be played live when I’m writing and recording”.

Bring in the Light is available on all streaming platforms from December 1:

Sonic Space Lab – Bring in the Light Smart Link


Luis Rodriguez – Lead and background vocals, guitars, keyboards, synths, percussion and programming.

Bego – Background vocals.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Luis Rodriguez.

Music and words by Luis Rodriguez.

Track 02 co-produced with Peter Lewis.

Track 03 co-produced with Ralph Engle.

Special thanks to Sharkweek, DJ Ralphe, Roel Schouten, Oscar Urrutia and Brian Graham.

Cover art by CER.

To connect with Luis and Sonic Space Lab:




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