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“Stained” is the second single by a band created by Wojciech and Jerry (formerly Snakedoctors). It’s a song about how lies and too much of expectations might ruin any relationship. Mixing and mastering was done by Dawid Gorgolewski from the Osso Studio in Poland. The band’s first album will be released in first months of 2024. The video for the single was shot in locations in Gdańsk in Poland and Mexico City. is a music project created by two members of now disbanded Polish band Snakedoctors. Their first album will be out in first months of next year. There will be many known widely producers and musicians involved. They play hard rock with a slight touch of new metal.

The album was recorded with Darryll Nutt, an American drummer who has worked with members of many bands and artists (including members of AC/DC and Goo Goo Dolls). First live shows will arrive in January next year. In Poland at live performances they will be joined on drums by their good friend – Sławek Papis.

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