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“The choirs are beautiful, the chorus is catchy! The instrumental Accompaniment is rich and very well recorded”

“James Leeds’ ’track ‘Whenever or Wherever’ is a gorgeous old-School pop song. It’s got an ever-green melody that will never go out of date’

Originating from Lucerne, Switzerland, James Leeds is a prolific producer and composer who has been making waves worldwide with his collaborative musical creations. He embarked on the journey of crafting his debut album, “Whenever,” starting with compositions dating back to the tender age of 15. Remarkably, it took James Leeds 25 years to complete this musical odyssey.

Taken from that album, latest release ‘Happy Days’ is described by James as ‘having a positive message and featuring catchy elements in both the chorus and a memorable whistling section.’ Lyrically this track benefits from some beautiful words from James’ very own Mother who he collaborates with frequently. 

James Leeds has achieved notable success, with his music gaining recognition on various fronts. His work has been featured on German radio station SWR3, and his songs have found their way onto playlists on major music streaming platforms like Spotify.

The album “Whenever” serves as a testament to James Leeds’s artistic versatility. It showcases his ability to effortlessly traverse a diverse range of genres. Collaborating with fellow artists, such as Benjamin Moss and Dennis DeMille, James Leeds masterfully weaves intricate melodies while allowing his collaborators’ vocals to shine through.

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