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Xxxandi is a serial entrepreneur, who has demonstrated over the years a unique ability to adapt to circumstances and differentiation. Born in Nice from an Italian family, at 9 he began to paint abstract paintings and sold them to classmates and teachers, achieving sold outs and reinvesting the proceeds in painting materials, and finally donating a box full of change to his mother to use to pay for the highway. At fourteen he already sold anything to anyone who needed it, and at twenty-three he had already been a warehouse worker, gardener, waiter, assistant cook, promoter, freelance, trader, and Amazon seller.

In 2020 he became interested in music and managed to download professional recording programs, recording at the beginning only with a pair of iPhone headphones but improving the sound to such an extent as not to recognize the lack of equipment. In the space of a year he released 10 self-produced singles that describe his life with a Flow, a rhythm and an originality never seen before first creations of exorbitant contents.

In 2021 now with professional equipment he released 5 singles including a featuring accumulating two hundred thousand streams from all over the world and continues to sacrifice himself and work for what he loves. Xxxandi is the living example of grit, passion and curiosity that every boy of his age should have in order to give something important and meaningful to this world.

Xxxandi is on radio rotation with the track “Troppo Fumo”

Connect with Xxxandi on Instagram @Lil_xandy_plug

Stream his music on Spotify:

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