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Distant Haze is a musically diverse Rock band from Channahon, IL that loves to play live shows. Their first full album is titled “Lost Time” is packed with diverse styles that include Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, Classic Rock & Jam Band. It’s an album that will keep you interested from beginning to end. Please enjoy these 3 tracks we are releasing on Jamsphere Rock Radio & TunedLoud Hit Radio.

“Explain It Away” is a hard charging lyric heavy song that really gets you thinking about the meaning of life. I love how it challenges the scientific Status quo that just discounts anything it’s can’t explain. Very heavy thought provoking and edgy song!

“New Day” New Day is a song that I wrote coming out of a difficult time in life. It was a time where nothing really made sense. I had the desire to understand what had happened to me, and tried to analyze everything. Doing so brought me back into that confused state, so I decided it was best to just move forward. The song has a personal spiritual meaning to me, but I wrote it so that anyone could get a positive message from it. – Zach Clark

“I Can’t Be The One” – is the Power Ballad of the album. It’s a song that will relate with those who have struggled with feeling like they can’t meet the expectations that others have for them.

Distant Haze is on radio rotation with the tracks “Explain It Away”, “New Day” and “I Can’t Be The One”.


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