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With a colorful sonic palette of euphoric synths, chunky rhythms and Adam Christopher’s transfixing voice, ‘Number One’ grounds itself in themes of self-belief and actualization. Zight is an emerging EDM artist hailing from Hong Kong. His previous singles (Fly Away, Everybody Keep Running) have accumulated over 4 million streams altogether on YouTube and Spotify in the past year.

The single sees the Hong Kong-based songwriter, composer, and electronic music producer team up with the majestic vocal stylings of Adam Christopher. Number One incorporates a smorgasbord of influences – featuring ‘90s ravey piano stabs, catchy legato synth leads and a bedrock of chunky EDM rhythms that keep the track’s danceability high.

Number One is available to stream and purchase across all major platforms. Number One will also be accompanied by a music video shot by award-winning director Brad Day of DEFY Productions. The video features a stylish and cinematic backdrop of Formula One cars racing off into the sunset, which beautifully matches the high-octane vibe of Zight’s track.

“I’m a big fan of the video game franchises “Need For Speed”. For so many years I have been dreaming of making a song that can be heard in the game when I’m driving recklessly, 200 miles per hour, racing in the streets.” – Zight


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