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At the start of the pandemic, Carrellee turned to the microKORG and Yamaha DX7 synths after finding traditional folk music to fall a bit flat in expressing the personal intensity of the year. Following her weekly demo videos amassing nearly one million streams on Facebook in 2021, Carrellee teamed up with producer Brett Bullion (Low, Poliça, Now Now), Con Davison (Bad Bad Hats) and Huntley Miller (Lizzo, Slyvan Esso) in Minneapolis to distill 40 demos down to 10 cohesive album tracks. The resulting album conjours crushed artifacts of desire, with each instrument processed through crumpled and scorched analog tape.

Carrellee draws inspiration from 80’s new wave icons Cockteau Twins and Kate Bush, as well as a wide variety of Italo disco and synthwave artists. The single and music video “Morning Sun” by Doug Pray (Hype, The Defiant Ones) was released in advance of the album on Negative Gain (Mr Kitty, Twin Tribes) with tour dates to follow.

Scale of Dreams is the noir, synth-pop debut album from Wisconsin songwriter, Carrellee. With producer Brett Bullion (Low, Poliça), and bass/guitarist Con Davison (Bad Bad Hats), Carrellee overlays delicately, sensual vocals about divorce and desire over a wall of scorched synths and processed tapes. Carrellee is on radio rotation with the track, ‘Morning Sun’.

You can find Carrellee on:


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Please follow the links to watch the music videos: v=_pNGoQK89Dk v=UZf5KxEJ9Bc watch?v=XNajUoH4j_o

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