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David Naethan is a recording artist based in Detroit, Michigan. He discovered a passion and love for music from an early age. Now, he is pursuing music on a professional level for the very first time. This is a significant step in David’s career, and he is already busy in the studio laying down tracks for his upcoming record.

In his music, he draws inspiration from several amazing artists, including Seal, Phil Collins, and Queen to mention. Just like these legendary acts, David has incredible charisma, vocals, and talent!

David’s music delves into the soul-rock fusion genre. He blurs the lines between pop, rock, and contemporary R&B. Because of this melting pot of different genres, David’s music is unique, distinctive, and truly original.

One of the features that make David’s music stand out the most is his approach to song writing. His lyrical compositions are vivid and visceral, drawing in the listener with authentic and genuine storytelling.

David is currently working on brand new music. Follow the links below to keep updated on future releases, live shows, and artist collaborations. David Naethan is on radio rotation with the track “Holding Me Up”.

To stay tuned to David’s projects, check out his socials: 


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