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In the empire of inspirational music, few artists possess the ability to evoke profound emotions and inspire personal transformation quite like Apryl. Her journey from a childhood immersed in gospel music to a career that spans singing, songwriting, and encouraging others through social work, has uniquely positioned her to touch hearts with her latest single, “It’s Morning Time.” This powerful gospel track, now gracing radio airwaves, encapsulates themes of faith, renewal, and gratitude, offering listeners a melodic embrace of divine love and personal rebirth.

Apryl’s musical voyage began at the tender age of two, harmonizing with her siblings in the kids’ choir and later performing on a weekly gospel show in Dallas, TX during the 80s. Her early exposure to the vibrant gospel scene laid a foundation of spiritual and musical depth that would shape her future works. As she progressed through talent shows and competitions, Apryl’s passion for singing only grew stronger. A serendipitous encounter at TCC, where she was singing in the halls, led to recording hooks for local rap groups and opening for iconic artists like Mary J. Blige, showcasing her versatility and expanding her horizons.

Transitioning from performance to behind-the-scenes roles, Apryl delved into the business side of music as an intern at BMG and Jive. These experiences honed her understanding of the industry and fueled her desire to continue writing and recording. Although a song she penned for Usher didn’t make the album cut, it ignited a lasting passion for songwriting. Under new management, Apryl’s talents flourished, resulting in an EP and opportunities to open for national artists, further solidifying her presence in the music world.

Life’s unpredictable twists saw Apryl stepping back from the industry post-9/11 to focus on her children. Yet, her love for music never waned. She channeled her experiences into social work, using her voice and songs to heal and inspire. Apryl’s discography reflects her resilience, with singles like “It Was You” and “Bruised Girl” addressing deeply personal and traumatic experiences. These songs not only resonate with listeners but also offer a beacon of hope and healing.

Her latest single, “It’s Morning Time” stands as a testament to the transformative power of faith. Opening with a series of exchanges, the song emphasizes the reciprocal nature of a relationship with the divine. Apryl’s poignant lyrics, “I give you pain, you give me peace,” capture the essence of divine balance and restoration. The metaphor of morning time as a fresh start is beautifully woven throughout, symbolizing new beginnings where love and joy supplant suffering and sorrow.

The imagery of God entering the singer’s lane and restoring her underscores a personal and intimate divine intervention. Apryl’s soulful delivery conveys a sense of awakening and rebirth, with each spiritual encounter bringing renewed purpose and clarity. The recurring motif of morning time highlights the anticipation and reliance on these divine moments for sustenance and joy.

As the song progresses, Apryl’s lyrics shift to profound gratitude for divine love that surpasses all human understanding. The acknowledgment of this unique and life-completing love serves as a reminder of the depth and necessity of spiritual connection. The concluding lines emphasize the indispensability of divine communion for true joy and fulfillment, reinforcing the song’s uplifting message.

“It’s Morning Time” is not merely a song; it is an invitation to experience the restorative power of faith and divine love. Apryl’s mid-tempo melody and heartfelt lyrics create a worship experience that is both reflective and rejuvenating. Her ability to translate personal trials into universal messages of hope and renewal makes this single a compelling addition to any listener’s playlist.

As Apryl continues to inspire through her music, “It’s Morning Time” stands out as a beacon of hope, urging listeners to embrace their own moments of divine renewal and find joy in the dawn of each new day. Whether you’re seeking solace, strength, or a reminder of the transformative power of faith, Apryl’s latest single promises to uplift and inspire, proving once again that morning truly brings a fresh start filled with divine promise.


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