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Born and lived in war torn Beirut, where he spent his childhood between skate hitching, playing on both sides of the demise lines and sleeping in make shift shelters. It wasn’t until Jimmy Tadros turned 17 that he formed a pop-rock band ‘May-Day’ with three of his high school buddies and recorded their first single ‘cold welcome’ which gained local recognition.

The whole experience of the war created the perfect backdrop to write and compose songs especially in candle lit spaces while the sound of heavy fighting lingered on. During his college years while studying architecture he joined a local rock group ‘Exceed’ and participated in many live performances at the West Hall Auditorium, many of which were philanthropic in nature.

After graduation, Jimmy Tadros played a couple of gigs then traveled to Dubai where he landed a job with a design firm and left the music industry behind. Corporate life wasn’t kind and this work experience made him come back where he felt most comfortable and that is behind the piano. The recent lockdown made him re-examine his life realizing that he was happier when he followed his passion for music.

‘Wake Up’ is a soft pop-rock song with a somber vibe that reflects on abuse and was inspired by actual events that happened to a friend. ‘Wake Up’ is also the name of the EP that will be launched during summer of 2020. The name of the EP represents the shift from corporate to artistic and will contain 5 songs featuring collaborations with different artists.

Jimmy Tadros is on radio rotation with the track ‘Tell Me What To Do’ ft. IamLawn

Connect with Jimmy Tadros on Instagram @jimmy.tadros

Check out his music on Spotify and Apple Music

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