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My real name is Marc Jeffrey Legagneur. I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At the age of 16, I decided to move to the United States because I wanted to experience living in another country and atmosphere. During high school in Miami Florida, I realized that I wanted to be a star, so a few years later I decided to sign up in talent agencies to become an actor, as a result I started getting booked as an extra for TV work.

During that period, I got discovered by my best friend and talented artist Albert Sure, and he told me that he wanted to help me with a music career, so I accepted and took a chance. I have been happy ever since, because I found my voice. Albert and I created the name Marc Alex Cool because I have a fun, outgoing, wild, and sometimes angry, daring personality that I named Alex Henriquez. I want all of you to enjoy my music because I want each one of you to have fun with it. My style is a combination of Dance, Pop, Rap, Electronic, R&B. – Marc Alex Cool

Marc Alex Cool is on radio rotation with the tracks “You Need More” and “Fix Me Up”

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