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Danish electronic music producer Mortinus has a Danish father and a half Greenlandic and Danish mother, while he says that there are traces of German in his family genealogy. Listening to hi EP “Orbit”, you discover that Mortinus’ music is just as much of a blend as his bloodline is. In an era when electronic music stardom can be as close as a light-up mask, clever anonymous alias, and management-directed collaborations,Mortinus has avoids the gimmicks of EDM and concentrates on a universal World Music production palette that even lovers of ambient may crave and downtempo recipients are looking to hijack.

Mortinus’ music is of exceptional variety, yet of coherence, in a genre where it’s possible to listen to the most diverse instruments and voices mixed with electronic music. These instrumental pieces were born into a groove explosion of world music and a strong desire for things spiritual, as well as certain tastes for cultural exploration.

The intensity of the magic, exoticism, mystery, urbanity, spirituality, and electronica, comes to life through this production. These finely-polished pieces in the age of indie music, characterizes the spirit, creativity and triumph of independent musicians.

On “Orbit”, Mortinus consistently shows that music is about communication – a desire to communicate with the listener and hopefully to have the listener communicate something back.

Mortinus is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Belly Stars” and “February To March”


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