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In the quiet suburb of Westchester, New York, the echoes of Italian folk songs filled the Di Nardo household. This melodious heritage laid the foundation for Harley Di Nardo, an American singer-songwriter and filmmaker whose artistic journey transcends conventional boundaries. Born into a family steeped in musical tradition, Harley’s path to the performing arts seemed preordained. By the tender age of 10, his creative prowess was already evident as he penned his first film script, setting the stage for a career that would intertwine the realms of music and cinema.

At 14, Harley’s burgeoning passion for music led him to join his first band, marking the beginning of a lifelong dedication to songwriting and performance. The transformative moment in his musical odyssey came at 18 when he crossed paths with Derrek Hawkins, a virtuoso known for his collaborations with Ace Frehley, Spacehog, and Stabbing Westward. This encounter ignited a creative synergy that propelled Harley into the vibrant pulse of New York City’s music scene.

Harley and Derrek formed the band CLOSER, quickly garnering attention and acclaim. As HITS magazine proclaimed, they became the “biggest buzz band on the east coast.” This meteoric rise led to a coveted contract with Irving Azoff’s Revolution Records/Warner Bros. The band’s debut album, produced by Ed Buller—an iconic figure with credits spanning Psychedelic Furs, The London Suede, Pulp, and White Lies—received glowing reviews. CLOSER’s electrifying performances saw them sharing stages with legends like Peter Hook of Joy Division, Supergrass, Chumbawumba, Edwyn Collins, and Love Spit Love, cementing their place in the annals of rock history.

The dissolution of CLOSER did little to quell Harley’s creative fervor. He channeled his artistic vision into a new project, White Light Motorcade. Their debut album, “Thank You, Goodnight,” released under Maroon 5’s Octone/A&M label, was met with critical acclaim. The band’s dynamic sound and compelling stage presence led to tours with prominent acts such as The Donnas, Alice Cooper, OK Go, Ash, The Killers, and Rooney. Their performances at the Reading and Leeds Festival, alongside Keane and Har Mar Superstar, further showcased their undeniable talent. The band’s participation in the MTV2/CMJ Advanced Warning Tour, featuring The Mooney Suzuki, Longwave, and The Raveonettes, solidified their reputation as trailblazers in the indie rock scene.

Harley’s artistic endeavors have since evolved to embrace the cinematic world. Today, he seamlessly blends his twin passions, creating both music and films. His dedication to his craft is unwavering, as he alternates between releasing albums and films annually. His latest cinematic venture, “Wild Roads,” is a poignant road trip movie set against the breathtaking backdrop of Montana’s expansive skies. The film delves into the complexities of friendship, capturing the emotional landscapes that define human connections.

Despite the shifting tides of his career, Harley’s commitment to music remains steadfast. The release of “Someday Lovers” is a testament to his enduring talent and the timeless appeal of his artistry. A song that had been gestating for years, it finally saw the light of day to enthusiastic acclaim. “You have a hit on your hands,” and “I love this song!” were just a few of the accolades it garnered. Its inclusion in Jamsphere Radio’s rotation is a testament to its resonance with audiences.

Reflecting on his journey, Harley Di Nardo muses, “I was signed twice in my life. Once to Revolution/Warner Bros. and then to Octone/BMG. After those bands ended, I never stopped writing.” His story is one of resilience, creativity, and an unyielding dedication to his craft. As he continues to forge new paths in music and film, Harley Di Nardo remains a beacon of artistic innovation, captivating audiences with his heartfelt songs and compelling narratives.


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