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Sunshine Art Therapy glows in her new hip-hop EP “Past Due”, which tells the story of surviving a toxic relationship. With intense, crashing flows delivered in breathy urgency over sick beats, you might laugh, you might cry, but you will definitely feel it resonate in your gut.

Sunshine is a new artist from Jamaica, Queens New York. “Past Due” is her first EP, coming after her singles “I’m Not The One” and “Sunblock”. Sunshine grew up in a household that believed in art not only for self-expression, but also for effective communication and processing of difficult experiences to achieve deeper understanding, peace and self-love.

Sunshine attended LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and the Performing Arts, whose alumni include legends, such as Robert De Niro, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. She continued her education and got her Bachelors in Fine Arts from The Maryland Institute College of Art. Sunshine built a career as a Graphic Artist and worked in the field of visual communication for many years.

During a dark time in her life, Sunshine turned to the expressive power of verbal communication to survive. Her journaling started for mindfulness, but soon evolved into poems which evolved into stories then songs. Sunshine describes the process of coming to music as healing and cathartic. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional,” she says. “I channel the pain out in healthy ways, like through music. Music is my art therapy”.

She has gotten some press for her singles and her Facebook Live Series “Sundays with Sunshine” in which she interviews artists of all kinds about their art but ultimately – as a graphic artist/small business owner turned musician/mental health advocate – Sunshine’s primary focus is on helping people use the arts to heal through their trauma and on spotlighting the importance of mental and emotional wellness.

Self-expression for self-love is Sunshine’s message. As a tall, thick and curvy black girl it took her awhile to come to terms with her body, and feel confident in it. She works hard to embrace the idea of raw communication as beautiful, and spreads the message of self-acceptance as truly the most gorgeous look of all.

“Past Due” is the recollection of surviving a toxic relationship, but it is also a rhythmic story of strength and perseverance connected through powerful beats. Ultimately it is a joy filled reminder that the best revenge is happiness and a life well-lived. Sunshine Art Therapy is on radio rotation with the track “Credit”.

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