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The Diner Neon formed in early 2019, making a joint home of the New York/Philadelphia metropolis. While the band is young, the roots run deep, as the members have been playing together for many years. Acting as a backing band for quite some time, the group that would soon become The Diner Neon took an immersive dive into the bubbling New York and Philadelphia music scenes. This gave them a chance to cultivate their musicality and grow bonds together that would set the course for the future.

Blending a mix of psychedelic rock with modern pop/alternative production, The Diner Neon has been able to create a uniquely distinct sound. Each member is a songwriter, and with this comes many shared sources of inspiration; from Radiohead to Pink Floyd, to The Beatles and Father John Misty, to The 1975 and Jeff Buckley, to name a few. The Diner Neon draws inspiration not only from their eclectic catalogue of favorite bands, but rather from all aspect of life/death. These inspirations lead to a sound that is as tight as the group’s camaraderie.

The Diner Neon is on radio rotation with the track “Hollywood”

Picture credits @JuliaConner on Instagram

Cover artwork credit @elisemiguel on Instagram

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