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Introduction: Xinye Tan is thrilled to introduce her debut single, “When Summer,” which was released on August 31st this year. This song holds a special place in her heart as she penned it during the previous summer. Xinye had always envisioned it with a music video, but the brief summers in Germany made it challenging to realize that dream. However, this year, she seized the opportunity and took matters into her own hands.

Music Video Creation: Xinye embarked on a journey of creativity and self-expression by producing the music video entirely by herself. From crafting the makeup, curating the outfits, writing the script, handling the camera work, to the meticulous video editing and color grading – it was a labor of love that resulted in a 100% original music video. This summer, she brought her vision to life in the sunlit parks of Berlin.

Artistic Origin: The heart and soul of this single are entirely Xinye’s own. She authored both the lyrics and the melody. To complement her vocals, her father, an experienced musician and music producer, masterfully mixed the background music. The recording process took place in her cozy home studio, a collaborative effort with the assistance of a dear friend.

Debut Milestone: “When Summer” marks Xinye’s debut as a solo artist. While she’s written numerous songs in the past, this is the first time she’s released a single under her own name. Excitingly, she’s been incredibly prolific since last summer, and she has 12 songs ready to share with the world. She plans to release one single every month, with even more creations in the pipeline.

Wide Availability: “When Summer” can now be found on major music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. A multitude of other major music platforms also feature Xinye’s work – simply search her name, Xinye Tan, and “When Summer” to discover the song.

About Xinye Tan: Originally from Kunming, China, Xinye Tan arrived in Germany in October 2011 to pursue her studies. Over the years, she’s immersed herself in Film Studies, Journalism and Communication, and Media Studies. While she previously worked as a video editor and social media manager, her true passion has always been music. She’s longed to express herself as a singer and to bring her music to life through captivating visuals.

Diverse Talents: In addition to her music endeavors, Xinye is a dancer and a dance teacher during her free time. She specializes in teaching K-pop dance choreographies and traditional Chinese dance. You’ll see her passion for dance in the “When Summer” music video, where she choreographed and performed a unique routine. Xinye Tan is on radio rotation with the track “When Summer”.


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