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“Gone” utilizes ethereal pianos, atmospheric samples, classic R&B vocal chops, and long reverb tails pinned against hard trap drums and bass, to cultivate a dreamy and brooding mood that is felt throughout this Alternative Hip-Hop track. Sub-bass can be heard loud and clear while sax, vocal samples, and live Latin style guitar fill in the spaces between. This creates the ambient scene from which the intense vocal tone can stand out, leading to a unique juxtaposition between the two.

In its simplest form, “Gone” is a love song, one which reflects on the pain of being separated by distance. Still, it is a departure from a more typical perspective and embodies a life of its own. “Gone” reflects the vulnerability that comes with being realistic, while remembering the peace gleaned from hope. “You can find me alone in this cold place, with no face, enslaved to this pace of time. Leave this mystery unsolved like a cold case, and part ways disgraced by this fate of mine.”

Your Friend, Ghost is on radio rotation with the track “Gone”

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