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A prominent song writer and singer, ZeXzy (Uwaifo Williams Aituae) has rose to stardom in recent years with his incredible music and high quality solutions. He’s been a part of the industry for a while now, and he continues to shine in an engaging and empowering manner. He had humble beginnings in Benin, when he created jingles for companies. He was also a part of the Nigerian Civil Service, which he left to pursue his musical dream. After signing with Maple Grove Entertainment, he started focusing a lot on creating the best possible music that he can.

His first single was Troway, and that acquired a lot of street appeal. ZeXzy’s single “Promise Land” impressed a lot of people not only with the great musical prowess of the singer, but also the amazing song quality and messaging. With the new “Na Who” EP, ZeXzy is focused on bringing in a whole lot of incredible, unique ideas into the mix. He wants to empower people to follow their dream and focus on their path as much as possible.

ZeXzy is now Africa’s latest hit maker, and he continues to impress everyone with his music and his great expertise. The “Na Who” EP is set to launch on July 30th 2021, and it will include some incredible, new songs focused on dreams, legacy and hard work. It’s a great and unique opportunity to hear even more of ZeXzy’s music, while also encouraging him to pursue new musical avenues and innovate. Get your own copy of the EP at the end of July!

ZeXzy is on radio rotation with the track “My Mind”


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