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Brando Brannon Bates is known as an actor and musician. He has credits in projects grossing hundreds of millions and his credited films have been nominated for dozens of Academy Awards and won many. Taking what he learned from the greats, he has released some music and films worth checking out. His music and films to come in the next phase of his professional career could be historic.

  • Stage name: Brando Brannon Bates
  • Learned under the best A-list Actors, Musicians, and Directors in the business for over a decade.
  • Acting credits in multi-nominated and winning Academy Award films. · Music Videos appeared on dozens of mainstream television channels thousands of times (2005, 2008, 2012).
  • CD sales have reached over 20 countries through Google Play.
  • Quiet and easy to work with, sometimes funny.
  • Has worked on every major studio lot (Paramount, Warner Brothers, etc.).
  • Worked at over 50 companies in sales prior to the entertainment industry.
  • Played all of the rock clubs on Sunset Strip when first arriving in Hollywood.
  • Worked as a background actor, stand-in, and featured character on over 100 movies and TV shows.
  • Has made dozens of indie shorts, 3 full-length indie feature films, and 5 music videos.

Brando Brannon Bates is on radio rotation with the tracks “Believe” and “Redneck Rap”


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