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Georgia has raised some of the best hip-hop talents over the years, and look no further than QTdabutcha as the latest example of it. The College Park native is an emcee of a different breed, drawing inspiration from local legends like Outkast and Goodie Mob while also working in a healthy amount of old school R&B from the likes of Jermaine Dupri, among others. These two vibes allowed QT to create a special blend of rap and singing that has become prevalent in modern music today but spicing it up with the soul the golden era and the heart of Georgia’s own. He is truly “In This Sh*t” as his debut single alludes to, delving deep into both worlds to create a unique sonic experience that is sure to sway many local listeners to hear what the young artist has in store for the rest of his career!

QTdabutcha is on radio rotation with the track “Fade Away”


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