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ÁBI (Abigail) is a 21-year-old Korean-American R&B/Pop artist and vocalist with mixed heritage from South Korea, who draws inspiration from her duality in identity and reflects them in her music and performances. She grew up singing in church at a young age, and has since continued her path to pursue her passion in songwriting and performance. Her determination and drive to share her story has led her to study and experience music in Boston, which has given her endless opportunities to meet and connect with a variety of creative individuals.

ÁBI is currently and actively the front-woman of an original Alternative R&B/Pop band based in Boston, MA that comprises of seven musicians (including herself), and has been working with them since 2016 to write and create music that comes from the innermost honest and authentic place in her heart. With her passion for the arts, ÁBI endlessly strives to represent the beauty of multi-cultured artists and individuals all around the world.

ÁBI is on radio rotation with the tracks “Purple Shampoo” and “LayLow”.

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