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Ramirez Coiva regards himself as a Citizen of the World, who has been writing and making music since 2000. His single “I’m Walking Away” was written and recorded in Istanbul (Turkey), a couple of years ago. The song is a hybrid between the alternative rock guitar sound of the past and a look toward a more modern, sleeker pop sound. One thing is clear on this track, there are very few people that can match Ramirez Coiva’s all-embracing songwriting talent.

Regardless of style, whether it’s heavy guitars or strings, keyboards and drums, a great song is a great song, and the foundation of “I’m Walking Away” is superb songwriting. Coiva’s penchant for coming up with the perfect sing-a-long chorus is infectious.

It is true that life experiences are unique but when it all boils down we all have quite similar situations – or at least share a universal hope for a better tomorrow. That is what “I’m Walking Away” is really all about, and with that Ramirez Coiva takes you on a journey full of heartfelt emotion and a well-constructed tune: “I see the sun, but I feel the rain. I’m walking away, I’m walking away”, he sings.

It is a really nice radio-friendly track from an artist that resembles something from the late nineties and early 2000s in the best way possible. It’s richly organic sounding and a far cry from the sterile programmed computer music, we’re currently accustomed to. Musically, this track shines in the way the guitar and string arrangements are so well put together.

However, the single best part of Ramirez Coiva’s songwriting is the way that he builds everything in the song, (whether it be lyrics, musical arrangement or sustained backing vocal parts) towards an extremely catchy, enjoyable and inspiring chorus.

Ramirez Coiva is on radio rotation with the tracks, “I’m Walking Away” and “It’s All About Love”.



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